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About Us

In 2008, the netbook was one of the hottest portable electronics for tech lovers. The demands for the netbook carrying solution continued to increase, but there weren’t any carrying solutions at the time to properly protect the device while on the go. CaseCrown founder Chan Park and Sang Lee saw the opportunity and created the netbook case that provided excellent protection with minimal design, and CaseCrown was born.

Our first netbook case was made out of Double Memory Foam to provide maximum protection, and it was designed to custom-fit each netbook on the market. It was one of the first exact-fit netbook cases to easily carry the netbook with you anywhere, and the CaseCrown netbook case became an instant top seller in Amazon’s electronics category.

As the netbook’s popularity phased out, we quickly transitioned into the iPad and Kindle Fire carrying solutions. CaseCrown’s Bold Standby for iPad and Kindle Fire captured the mind of tech lovers.

We have been constantly evolving with the tech industry to provide reliable and innovative carrying solutions for mobile devices. We believe in innovating, smart carrying solutions to help our customers be anywhere while protecting their electronics with minimal design.

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