4 FLIPS for the Samsung Galaxy Tab!! FLIPS for Nook Color and Kindle 3 Coming Soon!!

Jewel Flip (Red)

Jewel Flip (Black)

Map Flip

Alligator Flip

Hey, Crowners!

Here are the 4 FLIPS for the Samsung Galaxy Tab!!!  We have the Jewel Flip in Black and Red, the Map Flip, and the exotic Alligator Flip in Hot Pink!  Each individual case is very unique with its different texture and design.  You can click on the images above, which will direct you to full details of the cases.  These are the newest cases for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  We’ll even have these same cases for the Barnes & Noble Nook Color and the Amazon Kindle 3!  So there will be cases for eBook Reader out there.  Even though the designs are exactly the same, there are still subtle differences among the cases.  To suit the Samsung Galaxy Tab, there’s a camera hole cut-out available on the back side of the case.  For the Nook, there’s a removable adjustable wrist strap that’s included, which adds a nice touch to the convenient case.  We’ll let you know as soon as the cases for the Nook and Kindle 3 are here!  In the meantime, check them out for the Galaxy Tab!


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Hey, Crowners!

Show us YOUR story!  We want to see you in action with CaseCrown!  If you have an awesome photo of yourself sporting any products from CaseCrown or our logo, share them with us using Facebook or Flickr!  It can’t get any simpler than this.

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So go out there and capture a priceless moment with CaseCrown!   If you have bags or cases for your laptops and phones from CaseCrown, show us when, where, and how!  Whether you’re studying or working at a library or cafe, watching movies at home, listening to music on campus, or talking with family and friends back home from a foreign country… SNAP IT!  If you happen to be doing something crazier with us like shootin’ some hoops, shopping for the perfect dress, hanging from a tree, or skydiving… SNAP IT!  Just be sure to tell us which CaseCrown item it is in the photo!  Let’s make a photo album together!  Can’t wait!!