Company Meeting, Birthday Cake, and… Angry Birds!!!

Hey, Crowners!

To continue on with the gradual unveiling of CaseCrown…

So we have a company meeting every first Friday of the month.  We use this time to make special announcements, celebrate birthdays, and… well, Angry Birds!!!  We’ll get into full details with that a little later.  But to some up the announcements from the meeting:

We’re moving our office!!!

Last Friday in our May company meeting, Sang made an official announcement that we’ll be moving our office to Brea.  For some time now, moving has often been the topic of conversation among several people since we’ve first heard of the news awhile ago.  Just a few details had to be finalized, and now… it’s really happening!  Finally!  Later this month, possibly within the next couple weeks, we’ll be packing up our office to leave our current CaseCrown headquarters here in Anaheim and relocate to Brea.  It’s going to take some time and work to move everything and settle into routine again at the new office, but we’re pretty excited.  A little change in scenery will be a good thing.  Some are already talking about nearby restaurants, cafes, and stores to hang out during lunch or after work.  Once the actual packing and moving starts happening, we’ll update you on our blog with pictures!  So keep checking back for details!


We have two birthdays in May!  Happy Birthday to Paul and Eddie!!!  Eddie’s birthday was actually on Cinco de Mayo.  He JUST turned 21!!!  CaseCrown prepared a birthday cake and handed them gifts while we all poured our hearts out with a song… you know, that one birthday song that you’re probably all familiar with.  Candles were blown out while pictures were taken and birthday wishes were made while the cake was cut.  We care about everyone here at CaseCrown and one thing you can always expect is that we’ll never forget your birthday.

Angry Birds!!!

A few weeks ago, we’re told to practice playing Angry Birds.  Yes, you can picture a few sets of raised eyebrows.  Totally random, right?  But has anyone seen that one Conan episode where he plays Angry Birds… in real life?

Yeah, it was kind of like that.  But instead of the bigger than life-size slingshot, we actually threw the Angry Birds ourselves.  Knocking off a box earned us a single point, and knocking off the pig earned us five.  With three members to a team and only one shot for each member, the points were added after two rounds to reach a total that would determine the winner.  The prize??  A $100 gift card to Lucilles Smokehouse BBQ and an additional hour added to our already one hour lunch break.  That’s two hours with some fine food!  We were pumped to get this game going.  After the teams were divided, Angry Birds began.  We had a few hard throwers and a few misses…  Unfortunately for some, it was a little harder than it looked.  But it was so much fun!  There were a few shouts and screams and a ton of laughter.  Thank you, Sang, for arranging this awesome game to play with everyone!  And congratulations to our winners David, Gloria, and Esther!


Bubble Point Stylus

Hey, Crowners!

We’ve got a new product in!  It’s the Bubble Point Stylus!  You can use this stylus for all your touch screen electronics, including but not limited to Apple iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch, tablets, etc.  This is a high sensitivity stylus touch pen that is easy to grip because of its pencil-like hexagon-shaped design so you don’t need to worry about it slipping out of your hands while in use.  The smooth bubble point tip of the stylus, which gives the product its name, allows easy movement on the screen so you can tap or glide and it won’t leave any scratches!  Whether it’s because you have gloves on during cold weather or simply need a well-controlled point for a touch screen electronic, you can always rely on this Bubble Point Stylus to do the job.  Now you don’t ever have to worry about cleaning up fingerprints using this Bubble Point Stylus and always have a clear view of your screen.  It comes in five different colors (Black, Blue, Purple, Red, and Silver) so take your pick!

We want to let you know that aside from the Bubble Point Stylus, we also have our Sausage Screen Stylus for all touch screen electronics!  Haha, if you’re still stuck on the word “Sausage,” then I guess you missed all the buzz about it last year.  Check it out!


CaseCrown Interns: Zach & Eddie’s Personal Profiles

Hey, Crowners!

So you know about our products… but do you know the people behind CaseCrown?  Anyone…?  Haha, didn’t think so.  :)  It’s not that we’re part of some sort of Identity Protection Program.  No, it’s nothing like that.  To be perfectly honest, we’re not the mysterious type.  We’re not kidding when we say we want you to get to know us.  And we want to get to know you, too!  So with that in mind, we’ve decided to uncover the truth about CaseCrown ourselves!

Eddie playing Angry Birds with CaseCrown!

Zach on set for CaseCrown products video shoot

So today, we’ll introduce two of our newest and youngest additions to the family:  Our interns!!!  This is Zach (to your left) and Eddie (to your right), and it’s been a little over a month now since they’ve teamed up with us here at CaseCrown.  As part of the marketing team, they’ve been amazing in helping us promote CaseCrown and our amazing products.  Just in the short amount of time they’ve been here, we’ve been able to get out there and spread the word about CaseCrown!  We really appreciate them putting forth their strong efforts and sharing their innovative ideas to better improve CaseCrown.  Basically, they make us look good.  :D  Thanks guys!

Okay, enough with the praise.  Let’s get down to the good stuff.  But before we do, let’s get the basics out of the way.  Zach and Eddie are both students at Biola University.  While Zach is studying Business Marketing and Political Science, Eddie is majoring in Business and International Relations.

NOW!  In all seriousness… let’s get down to the good stuff.   Just to let you know, believe us when we say the following content came straight from the source themselves so it couldn’t be more accurate.  :D

Imagine our surprise when we learn that Zach and Eddie actually know each other from school.  But imagine THEIR surprise when they see each other on their first day of work!  Completely unaware that the other went through the same process of applying, interviewing, getting the position, and then to come face to face.  How often does that happen?  Maybe in movies, but almost never, right?  It gets even more interesting to find out that these two have a lot more in common than you’d think.  Aside from the fact that they’re both students at Biola University and currently are employed by CaseCrown, they’re both musicians of sorts.  Eddie plays the guitar, bass, and drums while Zach can handle the piano, violin, and saxophone.  Eddie actually played a short tune on the guitar for us in the office one day.  He’s pretty good.  We were impressed.  We think we could even form a CaseCrown band.  One of their favorite books is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.  Another thing is that they both claim their experiences here at CaseCrown has been amazing!  (We’d like to mention again right here that these are their own words.  :D  They’re learning a lot and everyone’s been so nice.  Aww, thanks guys.  You guys are just too sweet.

Although Zach has been home-schooled his whole life before college, he seems to have had a pretty adventurous life.  He enjoys hiking, cycling, running, sailing, rock climbing, snowboarding… pretty much anything you can do outside.  He even went back-packing and scuba diving with sharks in the Bahamas.  Right now, he’s in France promoting CaseCrown because he had the opportunity to go to the Cannes International Film Festival!!  We’ve asked him to bring back a couple actors as gifts.  :D  You’re dearly missed.

Recently, Eddie came back from a mission trip in Honduras.  Both interns like to travel as you can probably tell.  Eddie’s even had the chance to go to Guatemala, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka.  He plays basketball and is a hardcore Lakers fan.  We consider his “Did you watch the Lakers?” as a form of greeting nowadays.  Some hidden talents would be singing and cutting his own hair!!!  We had a hard time believing it at first because he always has such nice hair!!!  We might start asking him to cut our hair… you know, as part of his job description.  :D

So far it’s been a great pleasure to have them work with us.  Whenever they’re here, both of them never fail to liven up the mood in the office and make us laugh.  We’re just thankful that we haven’t scared them away.  In all honesty, thank you guys.  We hope you stick around.  Uh… we mean, you better!  :D

Random Fun Facts


* Celebrity crush:  Megan Fox

* Favorite Quote:  ”H.A.T.E.R.S. – Having Anger Toward Everyone Reaching Success!” – @ispeakswag

* Most embarrassing moment:  Freshman year of college, I was all set to go on this date with this really cute girl.  I went to pick her up and as I walked up to her house I tripped on a step leading to the front door.  I proceeded to fall flat on my face and then hit my forehead on a concrete column.  I ended up ringing the doorbell with blood gushing everywhere.  An ER trip, 8 stitches, and 3 hours later, she made me dinner and nursed my concussion.  Best/worst first date ever.  Sooo embarrassing.  But we watched movies and she stayed with me to make sure I didn’t fall alseep for the next 8 hours… so there’s some silver lining.


* Celebrity crush:  Jennifer Aniston

* Favorite Quote:  ”He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” – Muhammad Ali

* Most embarrassing moment:  The most embarrassing moment for me was sophomore year of college when my phone flamboyantly rang with the Chewbacca growl in front of 300 students in the middle of the lecture.  The professor stared me down and everyone’s eyes were on me.  I don’t normally blush because I am dark, but that moment my skin turned red.  It was one of those Southwest commercials, “Want to get away?”

Well, there you go Crowners!  We hope you now have a better sense of who Zach and Eddie are and what we have to deal with.  :D  Zach and Eddie, thanks for letting us interrogate you… in our dark interrogation room… with the bright light… and everyone else on the other side of the see-through mirror…  mwahahaha.


Graduation Sale! 30% Off Everything!!

Hey, Crowners!

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Hey, Crowners!

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