GearDiary Review: Classic Checkered Case

Review written by GearDiary’s Writer: Larry Greenberg

The CASECROWN Classic Slim Case is a no nonsense laptop bag.  It doesn’t have any fancy pockets or even a shoulder strap.

It does one thing, protects your computer and it does it in a stylish fashion that’s different than all the plain black computer bags out there.

The use of memory foam insures your computer will be completely covered and the straps make it possible to use the computer without removing it from the case.

All nice touches.

At a price of only $22.92 this is one case worth looking it if you’re in the market for something slim to carry your laptop in.

You can learn more about CASECROWN’s laptop bags by visiting their web site.

M.S.R.P. – $22.92

What I like - super slim, memory foam, inexpensive.

What  don’t like - nothing.


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